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The input geometric model

This shape was modeled using trimmed nurbs in Rhino3D. The Rhino3D model bone.3dm was saved as polygonal mesh bone.obj. Lamina can read input files in .stl, Wavefront .obj or 3D Sudio Max .3ds formats. It can also read polygon meshes in Rhino .3dm files.

Generating the parts

Lamina 1.0 software automatically subdivides the polygon mesh into sections and each section is approximated by a 2D part. Lamina generates cutting paths in DXF format bone.dxf and a PDF file with assembly instructions.

Building the sculpture

A nearby metal fabrication house, Latitude Corporation built the sculpture. The DXF file was used to cut stainless steel parts on a abrasive waterjet cutter. A group of welders built the sculpture in 3 hours.

The finished sculpture

After grinding and sanding the welds, this is the final result.

Lamina Design > Process examples > Stainless steel