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Sculpture fabrication

If geometric models are available, sculptures can be fabricated from plastic, metal or wood.

Interior design

Free form walls or other parts of an interior space can be fabricated by cutting wire mesh that is then assembled and covered with plaster or cement. Site specific duct work for heating and air-conditioning can be built.

Building architecture

Large scale structures built out of plastic or plywood. Rebar mesh sprayed with concrete. Lamina can produce precise plywood forms for concrete. Light-weight portable structures. Rapid fabrication of architectural models.


Lighted translucent plastic shells for interiors. These can be very large scale lighted structures that are integrated into the architecture.


Parts of the outer form of aircraft can be fabricated from metal parts. Model airplane kits of planar parts that are assembled.


Plywood, stainless steel, or plastic furniture.

Marine architecture

Hulls, and other boat components can be fabricated. Oddly shaped storage tanks for liquid or gas. Lamina can be used to create stitch and glue hulls.

Clothing design

Shoes, leather jackets, clothing.

Inflatable structures

Toys, lighting, hot air balloons, light-weight shelters.


Extruded letters with free form deformations. Graphic displays.

Micro and nano structures

Extremely small precise structures.

Lamina Design > Applications